Semi-Permanent Opening Titles 2018


Inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s work, the titles delve into a microscopic world and brings to life the real beauty of this unseen world.

It follows the story of microorganisms from birth to death: representing ‘creative tension’ in three stages: pushing and pulling, friction, and release.

Frames from the Title

Parts that I’ve worked on, with the added typography by Worship Studio.

Process / Look Dev


A look into the shots I’ve worked on and the process behind them.


The 2018 titles were a grand collaborative project where a dream team of ten artists
from all around the world was assembled to create the titles based on the theme “Creative Tension”.

I was approached by Joyce N. Ho. to help out on the Act III, where we go from the final Mandala to the main Hero Organism.

  • Role

    Design and Animation
  • Client

  • Studio

  • Year



  • Direct and Produced by

    Joyce N. Ho
  • Music and Sound Design

    Ambrose Yu
  • Type Design and Animation

  • Design and Animation

    William Arnold, Nidia Dias, Joyce N. Ho, Somei Sun & Joel Watkins
  • Cinematography

    Davy Evans
  • Edit

    Alex Gee
  • Storyboard

    Mercy Lomelin
  • Additional Animation

    Hayato Yamane
  • Special Thanks

    Murray Bell, Patrick Clair, Jonathan Kim & Dropbox