Echoic X Ident


Our interpretation of Echoic’s brand was inspired by its own logo and by the simple shapes used on it.
These shapes are so recognizable by themselves for their simplicity so we wanted to play with that and play with each element separately as its own organic shape.

Still taking cues on visual simplicity we decided to go for bold simple colors to work alongside each shape.

Frames from the Ident



This year Echoic Audio turns 10 years and is celebrating a decade in the industry.
To mark the occasion they have invited some artists and studios to create an ident for them and we were so humbled to have been invited to do so!

  • Role

    Art Direction and 3D
  • Client

  • Studio

  • Year



  • Art Direction and 3D

    Nidia Dias
  • 3D and Edit

    Martin Gunnarsson
  • Music & Sound Design

    Echoic Audio