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Project Name

The Egg Series


Project Description

A personal project exploring how to represent eggs in different ways.


The Egg series is a collection of 6 posters inspired by eggs in different ways.
Either on things related to it or recreating a style using the egg as the main focus.

01. The Persistence of an Egg

This first poster was inspired by Dali’s surreal piece: The Persistence of Memory but instead of the clocks we have instead a fried egg, where the yolk simulates the clock pointers.


02. Balance

On the second poster, the idea is to play with weights and how fragile an egg is and how carefully you should handle it.


03. Black Sheep

This third poster comes as a fun take on the kitchen timers that are usually shaped like an egg. Here represented as an imposter on their own “house”.


04. Egg Royale

In the fourth poster I wanted to explore some dish associated with eggs and as well have a play with its name, in particular, the “Royale” adding a crown to the egg and instead of the sauce we have gold liquid.

16-Poster-Mockup-Egg-Royale copy16-Poster-Mockup-Egg-Royale copy

05. EggRuption

Still inspired by dishes and recipes involving eggs, this poster is a play on the way to make pasta (eggs and flour) and as well creating it to look like a volcano which is erupting.


06. EggXception

Last but not least, the sixth and last poster on the series is more of a pattern poster where only one egg is different, therefore it’s the exception.