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Graphic Design


Project Description

A collection of old projects, or as some people call it, archive, of projects more related to graphic design



01. Book of Awesomeness
A gift for a friend. The idea was to create a compliments dictionary.

A Retrospective

Most projects (not to say, all of them) were done a few years ago, but it's always nice to look back and see where I started. 

02. Posters
A few posters I've created. Two were done for Twitbrief exhibition and one was for a project done at Hyper Island

03. Postcards
A selection of some of the postcards I've done.

04. Abstract
Digital Art image created for a contest. 

05. A wallpaper a month
A project created over the time of a year. Each month I would release a wallpaper based on the month itself. 

Personal Projects