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Poster Giveaway
1st May 2015


Yes, you read it correctly, is not 1 poster, but 2 posters give away to two lucky people!
You might be thinking "Why?"
Well, I'm releasing my new website now with a blog and shop. Isn't that enough for a reason?
Now you ask: "What posters?"
Very well asked! I will be giving away a A2 poster from Marmalised, as well as a A3 poster of the Albert Einstein Quote. Both signed and with my logo embossed on it.


What do I need to do to get it? Can I choose which one I prefer?
Ok one thing at a time. Let's start by how you could you get it.
All you need to do (you need to do both of them):
1. Follow me on twitter
2. Retweet my post about this contest / Or tag me on a tweet with a link to this blogpost.

As for the poster, it will be randomly given away so you can either get one or another, see it as a surprise factor!

Is there a way to get more than one chance to win?
Glad you asked that. For each day of the contest if you retweet/tweet per day, it will mean you get your name on my list 1 time per day, and only 1 time/day.

How many days are you running the contest for?
The contest will finish in a week time, so Friday the 8th.

I don't live in UK, can I still participate?
Of course you can!

How are you gonna choose the winner?
Well I'm not, I will ask my boyfriend, and much likely will do it old-school with names on papers, and those same papers in a bowl.

Good Luck guys!