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Project Name

Nvidia Shield


Project Description

As part of the in-house team at Future Deluxe, I was involved on Nvidia Shield Project to develop the look for it's animation and print campaign.
Tools used: Photoshop, After Effects and Cinema 4D



My role on this project was to develop the look for the new Nvidia Shield Console video, as well as how print ads could look like. 

01. Initial Styleframes
The first phase on the styleframes was trying to convey the message of a network and how could we represent it and the connection to the servers.

Second Phase of Styleframes

After a first approach and some tests, we started then our second phase which consisted in representing visually different keywords, such as console, network, games. 

02. Console
The idea was to have a swarm of particles build the console for the endshot.

03. Server Room
(Post Production) 

04. Network


05. Games/Swarm
The games needed to be introduced in the ad, as being part of a network. 

06. Typography
Different Animation tests for the endframe. 


Styleframes, Look Development