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Project Name

Nike Free &
Nike The Nature of Motion


Project Description

I was involved in two projects for nike, one at FutureDeluxe as a look development artist and the second project at Analog as an Art Director.

At Analog we were asked by Nike to design and create a motion piece inspired by running for the Milan Design Fair’s 2016 Nature of Motion Exhibit.

01. The Nature of Motion


We took centre stage at the show on a enormous 14m x 4m high screen. By exploring different terrains and textures we celebrate the genealogy of Nike through movement.


Initially the idea was to focus on the person running, and have it transform and morph depending on the environment it would be running. Later on we ended up exploring more of the background and environment.


Concept and Design: Analog
VFX Supervisor: Mike Merron


Producers: Elle Loveday Rose Lockhart
Art Director: Nidia Dias


Lead 3D Artists: Simon Reeves & Cristobal Infante

02. Nike Free

Nike Free technology incorporates an entirely new outsole geometry that lets the shoe not only flex but expand and contract with your foot during every step.



As part of the inhouse team at FutureDeluxe I worked on the initial stage for the Nike Free Campaign doing some styleframes.

Art Direction and Styleframes