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May Playlist
7th May 2016

Hi Again,

A bit late this month to post the playlist and cover, but had some trouble with my website, but all seems fixed now! =) 

Sometimes I have no particular theme for the playlists, other times I have, well this time is kind of half/half . My dad's birthday is this month and he always fascinated me by his music choice. It's super diverse! He can either be listening to a more pop ish song and the next day be listening to Rammstein!

So as a Salut to my dad for being so awesome (I don't think many people can say their dad listens to Rammstein =P ) here is a bit of a mixed playlist with some slow songs and some more upbeat songs (and no, I didn't include Rammstein or anything similar to that ^^)


(in case you can’t get the musics to play be sure to have Spotify open)