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Project Name

Adidas Ace and X


Project Description

Latest launch films for Adidas football created at FutureDeluxe.
Ace - Unbeatable offense. Impenetrable defence. Rule the Game
X - Destroy Order. Cause Chaos.



As part of the in-house team at Future Deluxe I worked on the two ads for Adidas.
My role was more at the beginning as a styleframe artist.

01. Ace
Initial Styleframes

01. // Animation Tests
Some experiments with C4D and AE.

01. // Final Renders
Renders from C4D with post production in AE 

01. // Final animation


I develop more the style on Ace, how the light would behave and did some light animation as well for it.
On X we try a route that would be more grunge, but ended up striping most of it out.

02. X
Initial Styleframes. 

02. // Developed Styleframes
A more graphical approach. 

01. // Final animation


Creative Direction: Andrew Jones
Design: Alexa Sirbu, Nidia Dias, Gabor Ekes
CG & Animation: Alexa Sirbu, Gabor Ekes & Nidia Dias


Post Production & Edit: Elias Freiberger, Alexa Sirbu & Nidia Dias
Live Action Direction: James Callahan
DOP: Jon Nicol


Assistant DOP: Elias Freiberger
Producer: Caleigh Illerbrun
Sound Design: Resonate


Styleframes, Look Development, Animation