Happy to share this project that I was Co-Creative Director for the Worlds 2022 of League of Legends. I was involved as a CD in the pitch and also the first section of the project - Design and thinking of the package as one.

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_The Project

Tendril created a visual identity, motion branding system and toolkit for Riot Worlds 2022, a global championships event for League of Legends. The challenge was to create a design system that could scale with each stage of the competition and allowed us to have many combinations of team colours, logos, and assets while remaining consistent, beautiful, visually distinct and recognizable as Worlds 2022.

_What is League of Legends

League of Legends is Riot's premiere MOBA-style game that is played by millions around the world. With a roster of over 100 unique champions, LoL is a game that requires a combination of tight teamwork and individual skill to win.

_What is Worlds?

WORLDS is the yearly world championship event of League of Legends Esports. Twelve regions from around the world send their best to compete in stadiums worldwide. WORLDS 2020 viewership was 50 million, and fandom continues to grow every year.

_The Brief

Design the League of Legends Worlds 2022 Event Package, creating a concise visual identity with a flexible and highly editable toolkit for RIOT teams. 

01—Identity Elements​​​​​​​


The hero logo is our primary brand signifier. Comprising of a holding shape, typography, and the 'Worlds' existing shield, we crafted a wordmark that echoes the same sensibilities and keeps the world's logo front and center across all design work. The logo forms the basis of the grid system, meaning that all elements within the system scale up or down while maintaining a consistent relationship with one another.

_Motion Behaviour

The power of LoL comes from how teams can reconfigure their champions in an almost unlimited number of ways. A mixture of strengths and weaknesses shapes each game's overall play style and outcome. Using this idea as the basis for our motion, we developed a distinct ‘reconfiguration’ behaviour that unites all our 2D elements across the system.


Our visual identity uses two different fonts to create clarity, contrast, and typographic rhythm to layouts, reflecting Worlds's sporty and gritty nature.
Manuka Bold, our primary font, maintains the distinctive bold compressed style synonymous with LoL Esports, but with enough nuance and character to feel unique to Worlds '22. Fraktion, our secondary font, maintains an athletic, technical edge, with enough visual density to stand alone when we aren't using our primary font. ​​​​​​​


We developed a bold and energetic color palette that can be combined in different ways to create a coherent color story across the entire competition. Throughout the tournament, the color combinations and densities transform, helping to differentiate each stage at a glance.

02—The Package​​​​​​​


We took the identity elements and expanded them into an entire event package, bringing a bold vision for Worlds 2022 that is fresh, impactful, and exciting.


  • Director

    Adam Brandon

  • Art Director

    Bruno Canales

  • CG Supervisor

    Alexandre Veaux

  • Designer

    Rafa Cezar, Leonardo Bortolussi, Pedro Cruz,Yeseong Kim, Runbo Chen

  • FX

    Bruno Canales, Benjamin Luthold, William Sharkey, Aiden Riekenbrauck, Yeseong Kim

  • 3D Animation

    Benjamin Luthold, William Sharkey