Tendril created two launch films for Oppo Renos6 Jin and GenZ series to highlight the sleek design and high-end product features.

_Oppo Gen Z

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For the GenZ series, the inspiration for the base design was the idea of an aurora. This multi-layered phone surface reflects a variety of colours using only one light source. Our goal was to capture this reflection in an abstract formation while showcasing the high-end features of each phone.

_Frames from the Ident

_Oppo Jin

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For the Jin series, we looked to nature for inspiration. The idea of snowflakes, crystals and snow forming the phone’s surface was the key concept for our visuals. The environment was kept minimal to maintain the focus on the premium phones. 

_Frames from the Ident


  • Animation

    Franz Ferdinand Kubin, Joe Winston, Miguel Rato, Joseph Recoskie

  • Light & Render

    Mariusz Becker, Nemanja Ivanovic, Jeff Briant, Brad Husband, Alex Veaux

  • Compositors

    Corey Larson, Astrid Cardenas, Winston Lee, Andre Dias, Brad Husband, Alex Veaux

  • Music & Sound Design

    Echoic Audio