As part of the in-house team at Tendril we collaborated closely with the team at Microsoft to create a reveal film that captures the essence of the craftsmanship of their icons and the design thinking that went into them—Drawing parallels between the design engineering of the Surface devices and the icon designs.

This project was done following the MS 365, so it was important that both retained the same language and aesthetics. My role was Direction as well as designing and lighting a few of the shots.

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We open with a sweeping camera move across an evolving landscape in timelapse, a nod to the icons of the past showcasing Microsoft’s heritage while “flying” into the future. We are then transported to a modern architectural space and slowly introduce the carefully crafted designs through a variety of visual techniques.

_Visual Development

_Process Reel

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  • Director

    Nidia Dias

  • Design

    Evaldas Cesnavicius, Nidia Dias, Somei Sun, Joey Recoskie, Nicolás Castro, Yeseong Kim

  • Animation

    Somei Sun, Mauro Borba, Samuel Bohn, Joey Recoskie, Jeff Brian

  • Lighting & Render

    Jeff Briant, Brad Husband, Nidia Dias