Tendril collaborated with the team at Microsoft to conceptualize, design and execute a complete refresh of their existing library of Emojis.

Throughout the process, Microsoft realized they wanted a video that would celebrate the diversity of shapes and expressions in the new emoji system and I was lucky to be involved in the film as a Creative Director.

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The launch film itself came to be a combination of several short stories and moments put together. It began with very complex and intricate backgrounds but eventually made some refinements and ended up with the perfect colours and bold forms to make the Emojis POP.

_Frames from the Ident


  • Design

    Jordi Pages, Lenar Singatullov

  • Modelling

    Flavio Diniz, Lenar Singatullov, Jordi Pages

  • Animation

    Lenar Singatullov, Samuel Bohn