Film created for the Microsoft Ignite Conference that showcased the simple,
powerful, and intelligent UI/UX of the new Office 365 Suite.

I had the pleasure to Direct this piece for Microsoft, to showcase and promote their new icons and look for the Office Suite. Office is used by over 1 billion people worldwide, and a change was in place to make this apps more connected .

The process took a couple of back and forth until finding the correct path to tell the story.

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The look and feel of the project was heavily inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design system.
Having that in mind, we tried to create visual metaphors that would represent each feature that Microsoft wanted to showcase.

_Frames from the Ident

_Initial Styleframes

A mix between my styleframes, Alberto Carbonell, Nejc Polovsak and Joey Recoskie



The film is structured in chapters, each relating to a key concept of the redesign. Each chapter was given a corresponding visual metaphor, inspired by Microsoft’s Fluent Design.

_Process Reel

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  • Design

    Nidia Dias, Nejc Polovsak, Alberto Carbonell, Joey Recoskie, Yeseong Kim

  • Animation

    Joey Recoskie, Yeseong Kim, Nejc Polovsak, Leandro Beltran, Samuel Bohn, Jeff Briant

  • Light/Render

    Jeff Briant, Nejc Polovsak, Joey Recoskie