Once again, ZbyHp has teamed up to bring another video project to life. This time, I, along with the other ambassadors, embarked on the exciting challenge of creating a music video for the band Milky Chance.

_Music Video

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Drawing inspiration from the lyrics and melody of the song "Synchronize," as well as the aesthetic of Milky Chance's album cover, we aimed to craft a video that merges our diverse styles. We did so, by integrating dynamic editing, coordinating camera work, and employing a collage effect to bring our styles together.

_The Challenge

In this project, my personal challenge lay in the sheer volume of shots we needed to produce. I began with crafting a series of animations, then moved on to broaden and diversify these efforts, aiming to introduce a variety of engaging and unique shots to the music video.

_My Sections

I developed an array of animations and designs, with an emphasis on constructing immersive worlds. My efforts spanned a range of environments, from those that are more lifelike to those that are decidedly more abstract.


World Building

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Mountains Graphical

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Diving into Unreal Engine and learning this new tool was a fascinating experience for me. Its exceptional capabilities in world-building are impressive, and the ability to preview outcomes in real-time allowed me to iterate and adjust shots as needed, enhancing the creative process significantly.


  • Artists

    Nidia Dias, Gmunk, Jody Macdonald, Rik Oostenbroek, Orlando Arocena

  • Music

    Milky Chance - Synchronize