ZbyHP brought together seven ambassadors from around the world, specializing in different mediums, to collaborate and create a short film called The Living System.
An exploration through energy, creation, and adaptive environments

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We wanted to reflect on how the last year pandemic has made us revaluate everything and how we all felt a need to connect with nature. Each of us did a section of the short where we had to experiment with something new but at the same time express our own styles.
Going from micro to macro, zooming out into our different views of reality, while reflecting on how the lines between the individual vs community are constantly blurred, beyond our awareness.

_My Part

My section came between Gmunk and Jody’s part, and having that in mind, I wanted to represent each nature element on it’s own and in an abstract way, that would culminate into Jody’s shot of the Tree with the rocky environment.

_Shots Evolution

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_Co-Created (Behind the Scenes)

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  • Artists

    Nidia Dias, Alex Trochut, Gmunk, Jody Macdonald, Shane Griffin, Rik Oostenbroek, Orlando Arocena