Google DeepMind reached out to me once more, seeking assistance in crafting animations that depict two distinct AI concepts: Genome and Biodiversity. As a component of their initiative, the videos and images I produced, along with those from other artists, are available for download on Unsplash and Pexels.


Visualising AI aims to open up conversations around AI. By commissioning a wide range of artists to create open-source imagery, the project seeks to make AI more accessible.
The ongoing project invites cutting-edge artists to spend time with scientists, engineers, researchers, ethicists and more, discussing key themes in AI.
Each artist is given complete creative freedom, explicitly briefed to interpret the shared knowledge in whichever way they choose.



Contemplating a topic as immense and vital as the genome, my goal was to design a piece that instantly evoked the image of DNA structure. The helical shape seemed an intuitive choice, providing the groundwork to illustrate how AI assists in genomic studies and its applications.
In doing so, I stripped it down to its fundamental essence, symbolizing a flower transforming as its DNA gets restructured.



Informed by AI's role in biodiversity, this piece demonstrates AI's rapid ability to identify species in a specific environment. I designed an abstract land piece to represent varied species, symbolizing biodiversity. I aimed for an abstract, simple design to ensure versatility across contexts.

It's impressive how AI aids scientists by speeding up species identification, letting them concentrate on environmental preservation and protecting endangered species.