Collaboration and experimentation is at the heart of everything done at ACO, so to celebrate 30 years of artistic leadership with Richard Tognetti, six short films were commissioned that would be inspired by the musicians and the music in the 2020 season. I was lucky to be one of them.

Designs were also used throughout the campaign’s print and digital media – posters, the season programme, the ACO website and social channels, tickets, and other collateral.

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The music for this piece is entitled “Tabula Rasa”, and the music touches a bit realm of a divine creature/figure. So for this piece we wanted to create our own divine creature that was mainly created with strings so it could fly following the music.
We kept it more close-ups at the beginning, revealing only the full creature midway through the song.

“Pärt’s genius is being in touch with the physical and the divine in such a compelling way.”

– The Musician, Satu Vänskä

_Frames from the Ident

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_Print and Outdoor


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